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Race caller Madhukar passes away
News: By: Our Correspondent
April 12 , 2018

Well-known racing commentator Madhukar Bhagawan passed away in Bangalore following a massive heart attack. He had returned from Shiradi on Thursday evening and had boarded the train to Mysore when he collapsed. Madhukar’s body was taken to Mysore after a post-mortem at Victoria Hospital for final rights to be performed on Friday at 4 p.m.

Madhukar was a regular commentator at both Mysore and Bangalore. For a few years, he travelled to Hyderabad every weekend to give commentary. He was also a regular commentator at Chennai and Ooty. Despite the fact the commentators were paid a pittance, the love for the job made him take the arduous task of travelling all over. Even though he had health issues, he did not hesitate to travel for long hours to give commentary which even a healthy person would have struggled.



Madhukar was also a racing correspondent for indiarace.com. He used to write the reviews for Mysore and Hyderabad races. There is a total dearth of good commentators in India and his death is sure to cause a vacuum. He was the only commentator at Mysore and his death is a big blow for the club which must find a new commentator. Madhukar was training his son to become a commentator and hopefully, he fits the bill and fulfils his father dream. Since racing commentary does not attract talent on a bigger scale because the earnings are poor, it is not considered a glamorous job except for the hard-core racing enthusiast.

Mysore Race Club Secretary Ananthraj Urs expressed his condolences on the sudden passing away of Madhukar. ''My deepest condolences to the family. The Mysore Race Club will be hit hard with his death in finding a suitable replacement. Madhukar was committed to his job. May his soul rest in peace,’’ he added.

Leading professionals and members of the racing fraternity have expressed shock at the sudden passing away of Madhukar and offered condolences to the family. Madhukar is survived by his wife Kalpana, one son and one daughter.

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