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March 24, 11:06 AM
Former Chairman of the Bangalore Turf Club S G Madhukar passed away on Sunday morning due to cardiac issues. Racingpulse offers its condolences to the bereaved family.
March 22, 5:12 PM
It is Sundown but no party to enjoy for the members of the Bangalore Turf Club. The Sundowner party which BTC had announced for its members on Saturday with ''free'' drinks to boot, has been cancelled, a note from the Secretary of the BTC states. There's never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same, the BTC Committee has come to realise.
March 11, 12:44 PM
Sir Cecil who caught the imagination of racegoers with his exploits has been retired. Sir Cecil had a setback and the trainer feels that he should not be brought back to race after recovery as he will be carrying a stiff penalty for his Grade I wins in the light of his injury. Sir Cecil has achieved everything that was expected of him and it was a privilege to train a champion like him, said Padmanabhan. Sir Cecil is on his way to Dashmesh Stud Farm.
March 10, 6:34 PM
Delhi Races scheduled to be held on March 11, 2019 have been cancelled.
March 5, 11:52 AM
Wednesday's Kolkata's races cancelled due to soft underfoot conditions. St Leger, however, has been further postponed to be held on Saturday, March 9.
March 5, 10:19 AM
The Mysore Race Club will be hosting the 2020 Invitation Cup weekend races for the first time in its history. Mysore which became an independent turf authority when the Invitation Cup was last held in Hyderabad on the last occasion, will be the sixth centre to joining the clubs which will be hosting the mega event on a rotation basis.
March 1, 10:17 AM
Mahendra Kuga Shankar has resigned as the Steward of Bangalore Turf Club following disclosure of the fact that he suppressed the news about his interest in a horse which would have not allowed him to contest in the first place.
February 28, 3:08 PM
The Hyderabad Race Club to introduce the third horse pool with immediate effect. Tote collections on place betting have fallen drastically because of the steep hike in club commission and GST affecting the dividends.
February 27, 8:06 PM
Violence erupted on Tuesday at BTC following the decision of the Stewards of the Madras Race Club to declare the third race as null and void. Initially, there was an objection and the same was upheld. The white cone was then hoisted and payments released. Subsequently, there was an announcement that the race had been declared null and void as two horses had reportedly been interchanged while loading the horses. The punters demanded the refund of their money and protested. The situation was tense but the BTC Committee quickly ordered for the refund of money to all punters to defuse the situation. The BTC lost to the tune of Rs 40 lakhs because of this incident. Problems keep chasing this beleaguered management.
February 26, 2:25 PM
The Kolkata races scheduled to be held on Thursday, February 28 have been cancelled due to inclement weather conditions. The St Leger race has been postponed to be held on March 6.
February 23, 9:44 PM
Controversial Steward Mahendra Kuga Shankar has effectively been placed under suspension by the Chairman of the BTC Harimohan Naidu. Kuga Shankar has been asked to stay away from racing activities pending an enquiry into the suppression of news about the fact that he owned a horse and still contested for the election which is a breach of BTC Articles of Association. Kuga Shankar faces the threat of disqualification and the attendant ignominy.
February 22, 3:49 PM
Bangalore City Police Commissioner and ex-officio Steward of BTC T Suneel Kumar has instructed Harimohan Naidu to keep Steward Mahendra Kuga Shankar out of the Managing Committee and other activities. He has asked the Chairman to conduct an enquiry with regard to the suppression of news with regard to Kuga Shankar being the owner of a horse while he contested for the election. ''This is a serious matter to be looked into immediately,'' he has said. He has directed the club to make necessary enquiries, take appropriate action and has asked for the action taken report to be sent to him.
February 19, 2:05 PM
A state ministerial panel is expected to take a final decision whether to reduce GST on private lotteries from 28 per cent to 18 per cent or not on Wednesday. Let us hope they reduce it so that racing can also benefit.
February 13, 9:32 AM
Mrs Deepa Dhunjibhoy, wife of RWITC Chairman Khushro Dhunjibhoy passed away in London on Wednesday after a brief illness. Racingpulse offers its heartfelt condolences to Mr Khushro and family. Mrs Deepa was a pillar of strength for Mr Khushro and was a great enthusiast of the sport of horse racing.
February 10, 11:56 AM
Horses withdrawn - Mumbai races, Race No-5, The Dr. S.C.Jain Sprinters Championship (Gr II), Horse No 8 - Ruffina has been withdrawn on veterinary ground.
January 27, 7:03 PM
Padmanabhan reached the coveted landmark of saddling 100 classics. This is a fantastic feat given the fact that he had to come up the hard way. He has a fair share of classics won through horses bred by him. He is also the most successful trainer-owner in Indian racing history.
January 27, 10:10 AM
The Golconda Derby day race at Hyderabad on Sunday will be gone through. The penetrometer reading at this point in time is 4.2 cms. Things will get messier only if it rains during the day, according to the officials of the Hyderabad Race Club.
January 26, 11:14 PM
It is raining heavily at Hyderabad putting a question mark about Sunday's racing going through without a hitch. The Gr 1 Golconda Derby is scheduled to be run on Sunday.
January 26, 11:20 AM
The BTC Managing Committee eats humble pie after all! The BTC has given a written undertaking to the Syces Union not to meddle with the BMC which the club wanted to abolish without as much as a democratic dialogue with the stakeholders. The Derby day races should go through now.
January 26, 10:58 AM
Uncertainty still hangs over Saturday's Bangalore races. The syces seem to be agitated about the unilateral decision that BTC has reportedly taken to stop paying BMC which the syces fear will adversely affect their monthly wages. The syces want the BTC to withdraw the proposed measure.
January 25, 9:09 PM
The syces appear to have resolved their issue. The Republic Day derby should go through without any problem.
January 25, 7:26 PM
The syces union has reportedly given notice of their intention to go on strike on Saturday. If they do so, the Republic Day Derby will be under threat. One is not clear what the issue is all about.
January 21, 6:37 PM
Mysore races scheduled to be held on Tuesday 22nd January 2019 has been cancelled
January 21, 8:19 AM
The Stewards of the Madras Race Club have decided to cancel the twenty first day of madras Races scheduled to be held on Wednesday, 23rd January 2019 due to paucity of acceptors.
January 12, 4:28 PM
Click on the link to get the preview of the Calcutta Derby day races to be held on Sunday, January 13.  Link
January 11, 12:58 PM
A ray of hope for racing. The Finance Minister has said that since there were diverse views on the lottery, a ministerial panel will look into reducing GST for the private lottery. Racing then could be the beneficiary without our mandarins doing anything to lobby for lower GST.
January 11, 12:43 PM
Click here to get the RWITC Annual Auction Sale Catalogue.   Link
January 8, 1:03 AM
RWITC had withdrawn the license of trainer Mansoor Shah for the accumulated breach of racing rules during his career. Details are awaited.
January 4, 1:09 PM
Serjeant At Arms has been withdrawn from the New Year's Cup on veterinary grounds.
January 2, 1:05 PM
The 18 RWITC bookmakers who had spent a week in jail after being arrested on charges of tax evasion and gambling, obtained bail in the Sessions Court on Wednesday morning.
January 2, 12:36 PM
The RWITC has issued a Press Release stating that there would not be any cancellation of races in the future despite the financial crisis brought about by the arrest of the bookmakers. There will be a cut in stakes by 25 per cent till the end of January. The position will be reviewed by the month end. However, there will be no reduction in the money offered for sweepstakes and graded races.   Link
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