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Arrogant Approach wins feature Arrogant Approach wins feature Friday, March 25 , 2016
Super Sunshine wins feature Super Sunshine wins feature Thursday, March 24 , 2016
Serjeant At Arms wins feature Serjeant At Arms wins feature Saturday, March 19 , 2016
Mickey Mouse wins feature Mickey Mouse wins feature Friday, March 18 , 2016
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Carbonara wins feature Carbonara wins feature Sunday, April 24 , 2016
Maleficent wins feature Maleficent wins feature Saturday, April 23 , 2016
Phoenix Tiger wins feature Phoenix Tiger wins feature Sunday, April 17 , 2016
Melinda wins feature Melinda wins feature Saturday, April 16 , 2016
Carbonara wins feature Click here for All Seasons photoGallery of Mumbai
Shivalik Showers wins feature Shivalik Showers wins feature Sunday, October 25 , 2015
Gold Bag wins feature Gold Bag wins feature Saturday, October 24 , 2015
Highlander wins feature Highlander wins feature Saturday, October 17 , 2015
Brahmachari wins feature Brahmachari wins feature Friday, October 16 , 2015
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Kingoftheworld wins feature Kingoftheworld wins feature Wednesday, February 24 , 2016
Dragon wins feature Dragon wins feature Wednesday, February 17 , 2016
Ace Force wins feature Ace Force wins feature Wednesday, February 3 , 2016
Flash Drive wins feature Flash Drive wins feature Wednesday, January 20 , 2016
Kingoftheworld wins feature Click here for All Seasons photoGallery of Mysore
Aika Aika Aika wins feature Aika Aika Aika wins feature Monday, February 29 , 2016
Commanding Boy wins feature Commanding Boy wins feature Sunday, February 28 , 2016
Beau Ideal wins feature Beau Ideal wins feature Monday, February 22 , 2016
Machiavellianism wins feature Machiavellianism wins feature Sunday, February 21 , 2016
Aika Aika Aika wins feature Click here for All Seasons photoGallery of Hyderabad
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 Carbonara wins feature April 24
 Carbonara wins feature
 Maleficent wins feature April 23
 Maleficent wins feature
 Phoenix Tiger wins feature April 17
 Phoenix Tiger wins feature
 Melinda wins feature April 16
 Melinda wins feature
 Rule Downunder wins feature April 10
 Rule Downunder wins feature
 An Jolie wins feature April 9
 An Jolie wins feature
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