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   Last 90 day's Mock Races from 21-03-2024 to 18-06-2024
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March24, 2024 1200M
- 3y bc Divine Hope (S Saqlain)
- 3y Ataturk (J Chinoy)
- 3y bc Odysseus (Neeraj Rawal)
33 5y bg Jerusalem (A.s Peter)
Arkadian (Kirtish Bhagat)
27 6y bg Battista (K Nazil)
7 6y bg Tarzan (Bhawani Singh)
1200M 1:12 (-18)
600M 34 -11
Won by: 7Ls, 3 1/4Ls, 2Ls & 20 1/2Ls.
Mockrace Details not found
Mockrace Details not found
April03, 2024 1200M
65 6y bg Clever Hans (Sujit Kr Paswan)
50 6y bg Dubai Flame (Hindu Singh)
26 4y bc Fortune Warrior (Shezad Khan)
19 6y chm Intense Belief (Arman Khan)
1200M 1:15 (-15)
Won by: 1 1/4Ls, 1 1/3Ls & Long neck.
March27, 2024 1200M
29 4y dkbf Chililady (R Shelar)
76 5y bg Archway (P Tejeshwar)
- 3y bf Impressive Annie (R.s Bhati)
1200M 1:15 (-15)
Won by:1 1/4Ls & 8Ls.
March23, 2024 1200M
74 5y bm Kalahari Gold (J.h Arul)
44 5y chm Zaneta (Sujit Kr Paswan)
72 5y bc Wordsmith (Md Akram)
36 7y dkbm Flamingo Road (V.r Jagdeesh)
26 4y bc Fortune Warrior (Shezad Khan0)
36 5y bm Venus (R Shelar)
1200M 1:13 (-17)
Won by: 5 1/2Ls, 1L, 1 1/4Ls, 2Ls & 4 1/2Ls.
Mockrace Details not found

Live Results - Ooty, Jun 02 2024
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