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Mysore Regular Season 2016
Friday, October 7, 2016
Race Day: 14
Going Good
False Rails:
Penetro Meter Reading : 2.7
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1200 M
Video   4.00 P.M.
Winner: Rs. 1,354,500 Second: Rs. 564,375 Third: Rs. 225,750 Fourth: Rs. 112,875
      Total : Rs. 2,257,500
  A Trophy value about Rs.50000 to be presented by -
Top Wt : 60 Bottom Wt : 50½ Course Record : Palazzio's Sun ( 60 Kg. ) Time: 1:10.38 (2009)
Rs Hn Fn Horse Detail
AWt CWt Dr Sh Eqp Wby OOdds COdds FTime
1 5  
Dancing Phoenix 6y dk bg   R (0)     
Phoenix Tower(USA) / All Dancing
Stud: Manjri
Trainer: Dallas Todywalla
Jockey: Suraj Narredu53  
57½ 57½ 8 A BLK Lnk 14/10 13/10 1:08.94
Drew away from the blocks showing tremendous speed to win warding off bravely in the end eclipsing the course record
Owner:  M/s.Dinsha P.Shroff, Munchi P.Shroff
Owner color: Dark gren-yellow hoops, dark green sleeves, dark green cap
2 6  
Starlet 4y bf   R (98)    RR (100)
Eljohar(IRE) / Cape Africa
By : Royal Kingdom (IRE)

Stud: Mukteshwar
Trainer: S Dominic
Jockey: T S Jodha51  
57 57 2 A BLK-BB-CNB-TS 2 1/2 3 1/2 5/1 1:09.00
8th till turn, improved with a late bid but failed to catch the winnerIncidents: STARLET (T S Jodha) accidentally brushed the Railings, passing the 1000 Metres.
Owner color: Red, royal blue triangle, sleeves, royal blue cap
3 1  
Shivalik Star 7y bg   R (95)    RR (99)
Shamardal / Badraan(USA)
By : Danzig

Stud: Hazara
Trainer: Arjun Mangalorkar
Jockey: S John55  
60 60 3 A CNB-TS 3   10/1 1:09.35
4th till turn, ended in money
Owner:  M/s.Chitturi Krishna Kannaiah, Ajith Prasad, Benly Abraham
Owner color: Royal blue, light green horseshoe, light green arm band, quartered cap
4 3  
Royal Salute 6y bh   R (96)    RR (96)
Noverre(USA) / Savannah
By : Victory Note

Stud: Sohna
Trainer: Sharat Kumar
Jockey: Prashant P Dhebe50  
58½ 58½ 5 A CNB-TS 2 3/4   8/1 1:09.77
2nd till turn, receded thereafterIncidents: ROYAL SALUTE (P P Dhebe) accidentally stumbled, at the Start. Jockey P P Dhebe, the rider of ROYAL SALUTE, was reprimanded for shifting `out` and inconveniencing DIVA (Arshad Alam) on his outside, passing the 800 Metres.
Owner:  Mr.Sharat Kumar
Owner color: White, black-light green checked halves, white sleeevs, black-light green checked cap
5 2  
Acclaimed 6y bg   R (95)    RR (95)
Burden Of Proof(IRE) / Alnasreya(IRE)
Stud: Kunigal
Trainer: S S Attaollahi
Jockey: Trevor Patel52  
59 59 11 A TS 1/2   8/1 1:10.18
6th till turn, ended 5th
Owner:  Dr., Mrs.Vijay Mallya rep.United Racing, Bloodstock Breeders Ltd.
Owner color: White, black V, red cap
6 8  
Dare The Don 4y chg   R (55)    RR (55)
Varenar(FR) / Balance De Power
Stud: Equus
Trainer: Vishal Yadav
Jockey: Ajeet Kumar50  
56½ 56½ 6 A BLK-LEP-TS Shd   10/1 1:10.24
9th till turn, improved to finish a good 6th
Owner:  Mrs.Tanu Yadav
Owner color: Cerise, black V, sleeves, cerise cap
7 10  
Pearl Secret 4y chf   R (76)    RR (76)
Rebuttal(USA) / Treimhse Tirim(USA)
By : Include

Stud: Hazara
Trainer: Aravind G
Jockey: P S Chouhan51  
56 56 1 A BLK-HD-WTP 1/2   8/1 1:10.25
10th till turn, improved to finish 7th along the fence
Owner:  Dr.M.A.M.Ramaswamy Chettiar of Chettinad Charitable Trust rep.by Dr.A.C.Muthiah
Owner color: Gold, brown belt, brown cap
8 4  
Smile Stone 6y bg   R (100)    RR (100)
Juniper (USA) / Alam Jehan
By : Key Of Luck

Stud: Track Supreme
Trainer: Sharat Kumar
Jockey: Irvan Singh51  
58 58 10 A CNB-TS 3 1/2 4 1/2 8/1 1:10.32
7th till turn, ended 8thIncidents: Permission was granted to Trainer Mr. Sharat Kumar to substitute Jockey Irvan Singh to ride SMILE STONE in place of Jockey Y S Srinath, the declared rider. Jockey Irvan Singh, the rider of SMILE STONE, was reprimanded for shifting `in` and inconveniencing CONSTANTINE (Keanen G Steyn) on hisinside, passing the 800 Metres.
Owner:  Mr.K.Mallikarjuna Rao
Owner color: Brown, white sash, arm band, white cap
9 9  
Seven Of Hearts 6y bg   R (81)    RR (81)
Burden Of Proof(IRE) / Seven Hearts
By : Sovereign Silver(IRE)

Stud: Kunigal
Trainer: S Britto
Jockey: V R Jagadeesh50  
56½ 56½ 4 A TS 2 1/4   10/1 1:10.82
11th till turn, ended 9th
Owner color: Royal blue, yellow maltese cross, yellow sleeves, claret chevron, quartered cap
10 7  
Constantine 5y bg   R (95)    RR (95)
Holy Roman Emperor / Coconut Squeak(GB)
Stud: Manjri
Trainer: Eshwer M
Jockey: Keanen G Steyn52  
56½ 56½ 9 A TS 1   10/1 1:11.16
5th till turn, faded out thereafterIncidents: CONSTANTINE (Keanen G Steyn) sustained cuts inside right hind hock and cannon.
Owner:  Manjri Horse Breed
Owner color: Claret, gold epaulettes, claret cap
11 11  
Diva 3y bf   R (49)    RR (49)
Hurricane State(USA) / Money With Talent
Stud: Akal Sahai
Trainer: Azhar Ali
Jockey: Arshad Alam47  
50½ 50½ 7 A   -   10/1 1:11.29
3rd till turn, receded alarmingly thereafter
Owner:  Mr.Sujay Chandrahas
Owner color: Royal blue, white conch, royal blue sleeves with white stars, stars on cap
W 12  
Smart Signs 3y bm   R (31)     
Ex-Name : One Step Ahead

Ace(IRE) / Tide Of Fortune
By : Diffident (FR)

Stud: Poonawalla
Trainer: Bipin Salvi
Jockey: N D S  
50½ 50½   A TS -   (Withdrawn)  
Incidents: Trainer Mr. Bipin V Salvi was fined Rs.10,000/ by the Stewards for failing to declare his charge, ONE STEP AHEAD, to start the above Race, after having accepted with it; Subsequently, it was permitted to be withdrawn.
Owner:  Mr.Aditya P.Thackersey, Mrs.Namratha B.Salvi
Owner color: White, claret maltese cross, hooped sleeves, hooped cap
Tote Favourite: Dancing Phoenix
Won by: Lnk, 2 1/2, 3, 2 3/4, 1/2, Shd, 1/2, 3 1/2, 2 1/4, 1, -
Change of equipments: Smart Signs (CNB OFF)
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(Indian Rupees)
Win Place SHP Forecast Quinnella Trinnella Exacta
21  13,18,35 44 79 44 517 & 326


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