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Mumbai Winter Season 2016-2017
Sunday, February 26, 2017
Race Day: 26
Going Good
False Rails:
Penetro Meter Reading : 3.5
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TERMS - 3 years old only
1400 M
Video   6.00 P.M.
Winner: Rs. 9,287,250 Second: Rs. 3,095,750 Third: Rs. 1,547,876 Fourth: Rs. 773,937
      Total : Rs. 14,704,813
  A Trophy value about Rs.200000 to be presented by -
Top Wt : 56 Bottom Wt : 54½  
Rs Hn Fn Horse Detail
AWt CWt Dr Sh Eqp Wby OOdds COdds FTime
1 13  
Ruffina 3y dkbm         
Excellent Art (GB) / Miss Danehill(IRE)
Stud: Villoo's Greenfield
Trainer: Dallas Todywalla
Jockey: David Allan  
54½ 54½ 9 A   2 16/10 16/10 1:22.024
In mid rear till turn, came like a thunderstorm to go zooming clear at 200 for a imposing victoryIncidents: Passing 800 metres, RUFFINA (David Allan) shifted out and carried EXCELLENT GOLD (Dashrath Singh) outwards. Passing 350 metres, RUFFINA (David Allan) shifted in and went across PERFECT STAR (P. S. Chouhan) who had to be checked. Jockey David Allan has been fined Rs.5,000/.
Owner:  Dr Cyrus S. Poonawalla, Mr Adar C. Poonawalla & Mrs Natasha A. Poonawalla rep. Villoo Poonawalla Racing & Breeding Pvt Ltd, M/s Saleem Fazelbhoy, Dinsha P. Shroff & Munchi P. Shroff
Owner color: Red, white maltese cross
2 10  
Tutankhamun 3y bg         
Phoenix Tower(USA) / Dancerllon(ARG)
By : Potrillon

Stud: Manjri
Trainer: S Narredu
Jockey: Suraj Narredu53  
56 56 12 A   4 1/4 6/1 13/2 1:22.363
In mid rear till turn, failed to get a clear entering straight, got going thereafter but by then the winner had it in its bagsIncidents: Approaching 600 metres, TUTANKHAMUN (Suraj Narredu) shifted in inconveniencing TIMELESS (A. Imran Khan) who had to be steadied. Soon after passing the 300 metres, TUTANKHAMUN (Suraj Narredu) shifted in under the use of whip thereby bumping PERFECT STAR (P. S. Chouhan) and forcing him inwards, due to which ANGELS TOUCH (A. Sandesh) was tightened and had to be checked. After questioning Jockey Suraj Narredu and not being satisfied with the explanation tendered by him, his Jockey’s license has been suspended one race day i.e. on 16th March, 2017 (permitted to ride work/mock race) and he has been fined Rs.30,000/ for careless riding.
Owner:  Mr & Mrs Shapoor P. Mistry rep. Manjri Horse Breeders` Farm Pvt Ltd, M/s D. R. Thacker & Madhav G. Patankar
Owner color: Claret, gold epaulettes
3 9  
Timeless 3y bg         
Surfrider(IRE) / Showstopper
Stud: Ruia
Trainer: S K Sunderji
Jockey: A Imran Khan55  
56 56 6 A   1 1/4   35/1 1:23.067
11th till 1000, then 10th till turn, improved to finish in money; a good 3rdIncidents: At the start, TIMELESS (A. Imran Khan, dr.6) jumped outwards on to AUTOCRATIC (P. Trevor, dr.7) who had to be steadied. Soon after the 1200 Metres Post, TIMELESS (A. Imran Khan) shifted in and tightened AUTOCRATIC (P. Trevor) along the rails.
Owner:  Mr Rajesh Monga
Owner color: Blue, yellow cross sashes, blue cap
4 6  
Perfect Star 3y bg         
Excellent Art (GB) / Free Radical
By : Diffident (FR)

Stud: Poonawalla Astonish
Trainer: Karthik Ganapathy
Jockey: P S Chouhan51  
56 56 13 A   1 3/4   7/1 1:23.262
7th till 1000, then 5th till turn, made the frame
Owner color: Gold, brown belt and cap
5 14  
Summer Rays 3y dk bf         
Phoenix Tower(USA) / Donttellmewhattodo(USA)
Stud: Manjri
Trainer: Imtiaz A Sait
Jockey: C S Jodha49  
54½ 54½ 8 A TS 3/4   20/1 1:23.563
8th till 1000, then 6th till turn, ended nearest to the frameIncidents: SUMMER RAYS (C. S. Jodha) was placed fifth and PHOENIX FALCON (Colm O’Donoghue) was placed sixth by the Judge, in this race.
Owner:  Mr & Mrs Shapoor P. Mistry rep. Manjri Horse Breeders` Farm Pvt Ltd, Dr Shashi Chand Jain & Mr Rohit J. Patel
Owner color: Claret, gold epaulettes, gold cap
6 7  
Phoenix Falcon 3y chc         
Phoenix Tower(USA) / Miss Takeor Two(IRE)
Stud: Manjri
Trainer: Rajesh Narredu
Jockey: Colm O Donoghue  
56 56 3 A   3/4   12/1 1:23.693
Quickest out 2nd till turn, led for a while soon outpaced thereafterIncidents: Approaching 1000 metres, PHOENIX FALCON (Colm O’Donoghue) shifted out on to AWESOME HOOVES (Y. S. Srinath) who in turn shifted out inconveniencing TUTANKHAMUN (Suraj Narredu).
Owner:  Mr Vasant Shankar Yadav & Mr & Mrs Shapoor P. Mistry rep. Manjri Horse Breeders` Farm Pvt Ltd
Owner color: Light blue, dark blue sleeves & cap.
7 4  
Excellent Gold 3y bg         
Excellent Art (GB) / Only For Gold
By : Greensmith(GB)

Stud: Poonawalla Astonish
Trainer: Narendra Lagad
Jockey: Dashrath Singh48  
56 56 11 A BLK TS 3/4   45/1 1:23.832
In rear till turn, made some progressIncidents: Passing 900 metres, EXCELLENT GOLD (Dashrath Singh) leaned inwards on to AUTOCRATIC (P. Trevor) who had to be steadied.
Owner:  Mr Ketan R. Mehta
Owner color:  
9 1  
Hajira 3y chg         
Ex-Name : Autocratic

Burden Of Proof(IRE) / Efrhina(IRE)
By : Woodman(USA)

Stud: Kunigal
Trainer: S S Attaollahi
Jockey: Trevor Patel52  
56 56 7 A TS 4 1/2   15/1 1:23.996
In rear after a sluggish start till turn, ,made some progress thereafter
Owner:  Dr & Mrs Vijay Mallya rep. Utd Rac & BStk Breeders Ltd
Owner color: White, black "V", red cap
10 2  
Awesome Hooves 3y bc         
Phoenix Tower(USA) / Dance To The Tune
Stud: Manjri
Trainer: Shazaan Shah
Jockey: Y S Srinath56  
56 56 5 A   Nk 5/1 29/4 1:24.740
5th till 1000, then 4th till turn, fadedIncidents: Passing 400 metres, AWESOME HOOVES (Y. S. Srinath) shifted out on to TUTANKHAMUN (Suraj Narredu). On questioning after the race, Jockey Y. S. Srinath stated that his mount was inclined to run out throughout the straight despite his efforts. Trainer Shazaan Shah has been asked to take remedial measures before next accepting to race the colt. After the race, AWESOME HOOVES, DRAGONMOSS, PERFECT STAR and TUTANKHAMUN were trotted and found to be sound.
Owner:  Mr S. T. Shivaprasad
Owner color: Gold and peacock blue hoops, red sleeves, red cap
12 12  
Princess P 3y dk bm         
Phoenix Tower(USA) / Torque
By : Don't Forget Me (IRE)

Stud: Manjri
Trainer: Imtiaz A Sait
Jockey: Bhawani Singh52  
54½ 54½ 10 A   2   40/1 1:25.731
4th till 1000, then 8th till turn, receded thereafter
Owner:  Mr & Mrs Shapoor P. Mistry rep. Manjri Horse Breeders` Farm Pvt Ltd, M/s D. R. Thacker & S. R. Sanas
Owner color: Claret, gold epaulettes, white cap
13 5  
Lincoln 3y bg         
Excelebration / Evelyn May(IRE)
Stud: Nanoli
Trainer: P Shroff
Jockey: Neeraj Rawal50  
56 56 4 A   Dist   25/1 1:26.063
Led till turn, went back without being asked for an effort thereafterIncidents: Passing 1200 metres, LINCOLN (Neeraj Rawal) shifted out inconveniencing AWESOME HOOVES (Y. S. Srinath).
Owner color: Green, red sash, yellow sleeves
14 3  
Dragonmoss 3y dk bg         
Girolamo / Banja Luka(IRE)
Stud: Jai Govind
Trainer: Adhirajsingh Jodha
Jockey: J Chinoy52  
56 56 1 A BLK   55/1 1:29.695
6th till 1000, then 11th till turn, weakened thereafter
Owner:  Mr & Mrs Hoosain S. Nensey
Owner color: Blue, yellow "V", blue sleeves with yellow spots, spotted cap.
Tote Favourite: Ruffina
Won by: 2, 4 1/4, 1 1/4, 1 3/4, 3/4, 3/4, 3/4, Nk, 4 1/2, Nk, 5 3/4, 2, Dist,
Change of equipments: Excellent Gold (BLK ON) Dragonmoss (BLK ON)
Bangalore Dividends
(Indian Rupees)
Win Place SHP Forecast Quinnella Trinnella Exacta
23  14,18,91 47 89 36 1,089 & 778


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