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Legal thunderbolt strikes Bangalore Turf Club

  May 1 , 2024

In a noteworthy display of judicial intervention, the City Civil Court has twice interceded in matters concerning the suspension of trainer S Padmanabhan by the Bangalore Turf Club (BTC), issuing stays on both occasions. Citing deficiencies in adherence to principles of natural justice and fair play, the court`s actions underscore a pronounced concern over the BTC`s handling of the situation. Specifically, the court highlighted alleged biases within the BTC`s leadership, particularly Chairman Aravind Raghavan, whose purported personal grievances seemed to influence institutional decisions.

This legal rebuke is a poignant reminder of the imperative for accountability within regulatory bodies such as the BTC. The court`s rulings cast doubt upon the unilateral authority exercised by stewards, prompting reflections on the balance of power and the extent of regulatory oversight. Moreover, the resource disparity between individuals contesting institutional actions and the formidable apparatus of organizations like the BTC raises questions about access to justice and the inherent challenges aggrieved parties face.

In light of these developments, it is incumbent upon the BTC and its stewards to heed the court`s admonition and reassess their approach. The verdicts should catalyze introspection, compelling a revaluation of institutional practices and a renewed commitment to transparency and fairness. As stakeholders navigate these complex legal landscapes, the enduring pursuit of justice must remain paramount, transcending institutional interests and affirming the fundamental principles of equity and due process.

Let it be known far and wide that the BTC`s reign of unchecked power is under siege, their once unquestionable actions are now laid bare for all to see. May this be a lesson to the haughty stewards of the BTC, perched atop their high stool of arrogance: humility and responsibility are the true marks of greatness, not the exercise of unchecked power. Let them heed the call of the court, lest they find themselves once more at the mercy of its righteous judgment.

Have the Stewards learned a single damn thing? Not. Chairman Aravind Raghavan and his lackeys are still stalling and dare to entertain Padmanabhan`s license application. The court put a stop to their suspension, and it`s their damn obligation to respect the court`s decision or face contempt charges. Raghavan might have his petty vendettas, but the other Stewards better not stoop to his level. It`s pathetic to see someone like Shivkumar Khenny, utterly clueless, with his lackey Chockalingam pulling his strings as former Appeal Board Chairman upholding the dubious decisions. And Naval Narielwala? He`s all about penny-pinching, can`t even spare change for basic facilities like a freaking ladies` toilet, but doesn`t bat an eye splurging on frivolous legal battles. The other Stewards warned these fools about the shitstorm they`re inviting, not just from the courts but from their damn professionals, all because of their reckless nonsense.

The BTC has hit rock bottom, and it looks like the Chairman is steering it straight into even deeper trouble. From shady decisions to failing to secure government licenses, a storm of problems is brewing, making this summer a time of utter discontent.

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Posted by V.K.Sharma on ( May 3 , 2024 )
Your thunderbolt article gives a clear premonitory picture of the unfortunate fate of BTC which is very distressing. All your followers alongwith the staff,trainers,jockeys ,horses,and railbirds remain mute spectators to the picture unfolding before them. No comments from Murary,Predegree Star,(sorry,Ravisir) and host of followers?Based on the facts boldly presented by your detailed studies present BTC can be branded as one of the many non-professionally mis-managed (Dis)organisations,whose mandarins enjoy rough ridings on smooth roads! Thanks once again for your lightning and thundering remarks.BTC will remain immune though!


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