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Riding the high horse of contempt for court orders

  May 11 , 2024

The Bangalore Turf Club is embroiled in a severe crisis, exacerbated by a lack of decisive leadership to address the pressing issues. On one front, the club has failed to adhere to a court ruling of trainer Padmanabhan, whose license withdrawal due to a medication breach has been stayed. Simultaneously, the club has been unable to engage in constructive dialogue with the government to secure the restoration of licenses, which have remained suspended since April 1, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the commencement of the Bangalore Summer Season.

The Bangalore Turf Club is playing a riveting game of "Let`s see how many court orders we can ignore!" Hats off to Chairman Aravind Raghavan for his stellar performance as the stubborn protagonist, determined to defy logic and reason at every turn.

Despite the court granting a stay on Padmanabhan`s license withdrawal, the turf club seems intent on flipping the bird to the judiciary. By giving specious arguments, the Chairman of the Club seems to be hell-bent on thwarting the court order which could amount to wilful disobedience of the court`s orders.

And let`s not forget the other Stewards, who should be hanging their heads in shame for their utter lack of backbone. But no, they seem content to let Chairman Raghavan steamroll over any semblance of fairness or justice.

Oh, but it doesn`t end there! The club intends to seek relief from the court for not receiving a license to run betting activities from the government, while simultaneously disrespecting the court order themselves!

The Bangalore Turf Club seems to have mistaken itself for a soap opera, with Chairman Raghavan as the villainous protagonist. It`s like watching a train wreck in slow motion, except instead of a train, it`s a club`s reputation careening off the tracks.

Amid an ongoing standoff between the Bangalore Turf Club (BTC) and the Chief Minister`s office, the summer racing season hangs in jeopardy, leaving racing enthusiasts disheartened and professionals in a state of concern.

Despite the critical importance of the summer season for the racing industry`s survival and the prevention of significant financial losses, BTC authorities appear indifferent to the plight of racing professionals.

The Chief Minister has made clear his precondition for dialogue with BTC: the closure of the case in the Supreme Court. However, BTC`s reluctance to comply remains puzzling, prolonging the deadlock.

A pragmatic solution lies in the formulation of a joint memorandum between BTC and the government, outlining a compromise to resolve legal proceedings in the Supreme Court. This would allow for a swift resolution and the resumption of racing activities.

BTC`s current leadership may lack the foresight to navigate this complex situation effectively. While the government`s stance on racing remains neutral, BTC`s perceived indifference toward racing professionals has become a point of contention.

The urgency of the matter cannot be overstated, as the delayed start of the summer season not only jeopardizes livelihoods but also tarnishes the reputation of the club. Immediate action is required to persuade the Chief Minister to reinstate the racing license and mitigate the adverse effects on stakeholders.

Cooperation and compromise are essential to salvage the summer racing season and uphold the interests of the racing community. BTC must prioritize the welfare of all stakeholders and work towards a swift resolution to this pressing issue.

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Total Comments : 3
Posted by V.K.Sharma on ( May 11 , 2024 )
Classical example of (mis) Managers
becoming damagers!
Posted by Ramesh on ( May 12 , 2024 )
I think you are grossly mistaken. The interest of the racing fraternity is the last priority for the managing committee of BTC. For them free welfare of the so called elite members is the first priority. To keep them in good books they go to any extent. According to cub petition in high court several book makers were allowed to function without licence. The sum collected from them as stall fees is unaccounted for. Lakhs of rupees have been brazenly laundered. Apart from this Gst collected from sale of tickets is not paid in full as BTC is paying only Gst on club commission. No accountability for the excess collected. Except for yourself, none of the press people are least bothered to look into any of these things. The ego of these people is stopping them from having a cordial relations with the government who are the licensing authority . Their stubborn attitude is affecting everyone in the racing field. These people don`t even have the curtecy to inform the racing patrons or the racing public as to the progress of dialogue with the government. They have a useless website with no information about racing. With only a week left for the start of the summer season uncertainty looms large and the owners are cursing themselves to be involved with BTC.
Posted by Michael on ( May 13 , 2024 )
An ordinary member of MRC could convince the CM and get them licence to run the show in Mysore. It`s a shame that 2 ministers, one MLC, one son in law of the national president of Congress,planters lobby, liquor lobby present and previous I A S and I P S officers who are there as members fail to get the license for BTC. After all what are they for. Only to drink and eat. It`s a real shame

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